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Welcome to Comfortway.com

Hello! This is a blog of the Comfortway startup. We are the first service, which can help you to book tables at restaurants in Vienna, Berlin and many other European cities for free without knowledge of foreign languages.

We can also help you to:

1) order excursions and guided tours around different cities.
2) book tables in sports bars (NEW!)
3) book billiards tables, bowling lames and tables in night clubs;
4) make calls and send SMM without roaming fee (it is the only paid service, but it is cheaper by more than 15 times than that of other operators)

In addition, with our website you can make calls and send SMS while roaming, book tours, book tables in sports bars, billiards, bowling, etc. In different European citis. Our service is an instrument for a comfortable trip in Europe.

On our website under "Touristic information" section we have collected links to all existing useful services and content for the tourists.

We want to prove to people that it's easy to travel around Europe and to visit different institutions (sometimes even private) without the knowledge of foreign languages. You just choose the location where you want to go, the rest is at our concern.

Attention! For those who register on the site during this summer, there is a special offer – we give you 1 euro for free! So every user can test the quality of Comfortway.com.

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

С наступающим!!

Оригинал взят у docka3ak в С наступающим!!

Как празднуете?

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

Book a taxi Vienna with ComfortWay

You can book a taxi Vienna!

Drive up within 15 minutes
Online booking 10:00-22:00
● basic price: 2.5 €
● to 4 km: 1.3 € per km
● next: 0,99 € per km
While writing the address, specify the district of Stuttgart where you are at (for example, 1010), then the exact address (the street, house number etc.). If you are ordering a taxi to a hotel, restaurant or other institution of the city, specify its name in the field "Comment".

For example:
Address: "A-1010, Wollzeile 38"
Comment: "Restaurant Plachutta "
While ordering a taxi, please specify, whether you have special (for example, a children's seat, an empty luggage carrier etc.). Payment with cash and a credit card are available.
Within several minutes after registration of the order you will receive SMS with order confirmation on your phone number .
The taxi will be driven up within 15 minutes after SMS confirmation.
You can order a taxi at night (after 22:00) by phone +43 1 40 100 (language: German)

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

What country is it?

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

Best Travel Hack

I started carrying around a small binder with the important documents for our journey:

1) Outline of Trip Itinerary (on top for quick reference). Names, addresses and phone numbers for hotels visiting. Quick summary of day's activities.
2) Print-out of booking receipts for all hotels, flights, rental cars and anything else we pre-paid for. It saved us more than once from my wife and I sleeping in 2 twin beds pushed together.
3) Print-out of driving directions for major trips and transit directions between likely destinations.
4) Photocopy of passports.

This was the first trip we took where we weren't fumbling around at internet cafes trying to find emails telling us for sure which hotel we were staying in that night. The top page trip itinerary was used almost every single day (to my surprise; it was an after-thought) and the driving directions were only used once or twice because we ended up getting a GPS for the rental car, but overall our trip went so much smoother by being organized.


One click and you are in the restaurant :)

Calls and SMS worldwide from ComfortWay

Friends, do not forget that on our website you can make calls and send SMS all over the world at very cheap rates.

How? It's very simple.

With ComfortWay you can send SMS worldwide for 0.05 € (1 message). To do this, enter your phone number and the name and telephone number. Do not forget to enter the country code (Russian code "7", German code "49", etc.).
Your number: "7 950125250."
Name and phone number of the recipient: "Claus 49 162125250."

The same thing is  with the calls! And just for 0.1 € per minute!

If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them!

One click and you are in the restaurant :)

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And if you do decide to go, check out our page dedicated to Basel and Zurich!

One click and you are in the restaurant :)